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'Put a brave face on it
it's happening again'

Supercaan are Greg Milner, Stuart White and Tom Whitfield with, Justin Januszewski and Ralph Frost joining the band for the live shows. Supercaan’s debut album has been written and demoed over a four year period at weekends in lock ups, attics, bedrooms and living rooms, before being recorded by Simon Weaver (Free School, Goodnight Lennin, Victories at Sea, Matters & Lions of Dissent) in the basement of a whistle factory.

The Great North Eastern is the second release from Supercaan’s forthcoming self titled debut album. The track is about how a night out with old friends takes us back to being the person we thought we had escaped. The video that supports the song was shot and directed by Nick Bennett (Hand Built Films) Choreographed by Polly Hudson and features contemporary dancers Shelley Eva Haden & Oliver Robert Russell.


Their album combines the live energy of guitars, bass and drums with layers of pre-programmed sequences, arps and drones to make indie tracks that are anthemic but full of detail and ambience. Gear used includes: MPC, Roland SPD, Volca Keys and Beats, Korg MS20, & Waldorf Blofeld & Ableton Push. 


Supercaan’s first release ‘The Bull’ was featured on BBC6 Introducing and described by Tom Robinson as ‘motoring atmospheric psychedelia’. It was also listed on Hypmachine’s ‘most popular’ playlist following a number of positive features from music blogs.


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